Invincibles (The) – HD

Romain, Hassan, François-Xavier and Vincent are lifelong friends. By the time they reach 30, they’re sure of one thing. If they don’t change their lives, they’ll wind up sad, old and bitter. They have all spent the last ten years building steady, sensible relationships with their girlfriends and feel they haven’t made the most of their youth. What they need is a good shot of adventure, amorous conquests and irresponsibility so they don’t regret it later. They make a pact that forces them to concentrate on their goal of satisfying their thirst for freedom. The first condition of this pact is a difficult step, but one they must take. That very night, at 9 p.m. precisely, they must dump their respective girlfriends. But getting these immature urges out of their system is not going to be so easy. Our Invincible quartet embark on a veritable journey of initiation. Will they emerge more grown up ?

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 8

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Alexandre Castagnetti, Pierric Gantelmi d’Ille

Author(s) : Brigitte Bemol, Alexandre Castagnetti, Bertrand Marzec, Julien Simonet

Producer(s) : Makingprod

Format : 8 X 52'

Type : Comedy