Legend Of Parva (The)

Parva was born on the exact moment when a meteorite, a sapphire stone of an exceptional clearness hit the earth and sank in the heart of an Himalayan volcano. Touched by this cosmic grace, the child early reveals a magical radiance. Her mother died when Parva was only 10 years old. Nowadays, a Fine Arts student, she manages her quiet life with company of her friend Lula. Coming home one evening, the young girl finds a puppy. She falls in love with it at once and adopts it. But she ignores that this puppy is not a common dog. It’s so uncommon, that it will lead her in a succession of adventures all the way to an island in the gulf of Bengal. Fortunately, her mother’s shadow watches over her constantly. She is always there in the most critical situations, as her guardian angel, to cheer her and guide her daughter on the right way. The way of the heart, which will allow Parva to avoid the traps scattered on her road all the way to the underground labyrinth where the prince is locked in a glass cage. Of course, she will deliver the Prince, her Prince, victim in an in between divinities struggle, and will marry him.

Category : Animation, Feature Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 85'

Director(s) : Jean Cubaud

Author(s) : Vincenzo Cerami

Producer(s) : Claude Carrere, Franck Lipsik, Carrere Group, Quoiqu’il En Soit, Filmauro

Format : 85'

Type : Adventure