Living and the Dead (The) – HD

Rudi and Dallas work at KOS, a plastic fiber factory. The day the factory shuts down, their lives fall apart and the fabric of their society crumbles. Through the saga of some 50 characters, THE LIVING AND THE DEAD tells the love story of a young couple, carried along in a torrent of contemporary history. Between passion and insurrection, torment and uprising, Rudi and Dallas’ secrets are those of a town where the struggle for survival pits its citizens against one another, tears families apart, and where traditional personal, social and political rules are now ignored. In this world where financial motives prevail over concern for people, who must die and who can survive ?

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 8

Length : 52'

Director(s) : Gérard Mordillat

Author(s) : Gérard Mordillat

Producer(s) : Denis Freyd, Archipel 33

Format : 8 X 52'

Type : Drama / Social