Red Couch (The)

Marie has everything in life to be happy : she’s come back to her hometown with Marc, her husband, who she loves. She has got a new job, a new house, and even a new nice and smart friend, called Nadia. Just one thing is missing : the splendid red sofa she saw in the window of a second hand goods dealer. However, she still has these strange nightmares every night even though she left her job as a cop to be less stressed. And no specialist has found yet the reasons for her infertility, which prevents her from having a baby with Marc. She is upset and decides to go further with the investigation by herself.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1 or 2

Length : 120' or 60'

Director(s) : Marc Angelo

Author(s) : Alexis Lecaye

Producer(s) : Dajma

Format : 120’ or 2 X 60’

Type : Thriller