Third Day (The)

Leo Dembele is 20, his pregnant girlfriend Manon is 18. When she gives birth to their child, he is determined to live up to his obligations, to find a job and do his best as a family man. But where can they find the thousand euros needed to set up the baby’s room in a princely style? Titi, his best friend, knows the way to make money quickly. Bouba, the local gang leader is into something big. All he needs is a SUV. Putting aside his new family man resolutions, Leo accepts to get Bouba the car. In less than an hour, it’s a done deal and he gets paid the thousand euros. But Bouba also need a skilled driver on the day he has planned the robbery. Leo, who has dreams of become a stuntman, is perfect for the job. At first reluctant, Leo quickly agrees when Bouba threatens his baby. Yacine, an educator, and Police Chief Richaud, who both have known the young man for a long time, try to help him out of the messy situation. Soon though, the police takes over and preserving Leo is no longer a priority…

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 100'

Director(s) : Denys Granier-Deferre

Author(s) : Bernard Stora, Mathieu Fabiani

Producer(s) : KIEN Productions

Format : 100'

Type : Drama / Action