Tiger’s Empire (The)

Summer 1938, In the heart of Annam (Vietnam), in the middle of the High lands, Pierre Balsan hears the news on the radio about the threatening news of an imminent war in Europe. Hitler had annexed Austria and now he is on the verge to annex Tchecoslovaquia. But the war is not what is going to distress the man who is called “The Tiger”, named the Tiger because twice he faced this dangerous animal. The agitated time in Indochina, the first nationalists fever and the murder of his wife is going to deeply moved his live. Accused for this murder, he is going to struggle for his freedom.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 2

Length : 90'

Director(s) : Gérard Marx

Author(s) : Dominique Lancelot, Catherine Cohen

Producer(s) : Dominique Lancelot, Auteurs Associés, Créations du Dragon

Format : 2 X 90’

Type : Adventure / Action