Secret Admiror “Patricia MacDonald Collection” – HD

A small town is rocked by the violent murder of a young father, Eric Railland, who dies leaving behind a little boy, Léo, and a widow, Laura. The police investigation is underway, but the killer – whom only Laura has seen – cannot be found. Rumours begin to circulate and Laura comes under suspicion, and fears Léo will be taken from her. Her only friends are Gaby, Eric’s best friend, and Richard, his lawyer. When old friend Yann reappears, Laura looks to him for support and falls out with Gaby and Richard, winding up in jail. Laura soon learns her friends are not who they seem to be and that many uncomfortable questions remain unanswered. When the truth finally comes out it brings to light many dark and hidden secrets.

Category : Fiction

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 120'

Director(s) : Christian Bonnet

Author(s) : Catherine Hoffman

Producer(s) : Dune

Format : 120'

Type : Thriller / Literary Adaptation