Fly Away – Tribute to Michael Jackson – HD

Bilal, 9 years-old, goes on a quest to find his idol’s hat. While in search of the store that will fulfill his dreams, Michael Jackson look-alike stardust discreetly sneaks into his glove. The glove is soon inhabited by magic unbeknownst to Bilal, and allows the boy to hop into situation strangely familiar to the boy as they remind him of his favorite Michael Jackson videos. He is caught between two gangs as in Beat It, then has to face zombies, plunging into an agonizing position from Thriller, and end in the heart of Main Street at Disneyland, for a grand finale.

Category : Documentary, Medium-Lenght Film

Number of Episodes : 1

Length : 28'

Director(s) : Rachid Ferrache

Author(s) : Rachid Ferrache

Producer(s) : Association Vole

Format : 28'

Type : Musical / Medium-Lenght Film / Tribute