Wombat City

A rococo, multiethnic cityscape extends as far as the eyes can see. This urban labyrinth is the natural habitat of our six teenagers, «The Wombat Kids». Although they are lazy and apathetic, they do feel implicated in the world surrounding them. They comment upon it philosophically, and their insights are mature, yet sweetened by a certain naivety. Their preoccupations resemble our own, and as we contemplate this society set about fifty years in the future, we are forced to admit that nothing has really changed. «Wombat City» is a romantic fable, tinged with poetry and old-fashioned innocence. From these tales of urban life, a series of comico-sociological vignettes emerges, seen from a resolutely individual viewpoint through the eyes of our protagonists. «Wombat City» is ironic, cosmopolitan, surreal, and self-mocking. The resulting caricature, only slightly exaggerated, is an indictment of the woes afflicting Western consumer society, as sampled through the testimony and dry wit of our actors.

Category : Animation

Number of Episodes : 52

Length : 13'

Director(s) : Bruno Chane-Kane, Marc Boreal

Author(s) : Bruno Chane-Kane, Franck Salome

Producer(s) : Carrere Group, Les Films de la Perrine

Format : 52 X 13’

Type : Comedy / Action / Adventure