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Lisa is an attractive young woman who has everything she could ever want: a nine year-old son, Michael, and a husband who adores her. But one day, she returns home from school to find her husband’s lifeless body. He’s been shot through the heart and at his feet crouches Michael, still clasping the gun. Is it suicide, an accident or murder? Eventually, Lisa finds the strength to start a new life with Franck Manderley, her husband’s best friend. Michael seems to have forgotten the tragedy and Lisa gives birth to another child called Kim. But fate strikes again, when Franck is found drowned in the swimming pool. Are the two deaths connected? Feeling the pressure from the police investigation, Michael tries to commit suicide. He survives, the investigation continues and some unexpected secrets are revealed to Lisa.

Adapted from the novel by Patricia MacDonald – Available now

Le commissaire Kaplan va à l’encontre des résultats de l’enquête et décide de poursuivre son investigation sur le décès du second mari de Lisa. L’enquête sur le décès du second mari de Lisa Maurier conclut à un tragique accident. Le père se serait sacrifié pour sauver son enfant. Le commissaire Kaplan et le juge d’instruction ne se satisfont cependant pas de cette version des événements. Les deux hommes décident de poursuivre les investigations.

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